The StrawBeary Bear

              Restaurant & Lounge

How to find The Bear

Northbound on Highway 87

If you are heading up from the Valley and Payson you will go through Pine and then another two miles to Strawberry. At the top of the pass will be a slow vehicle lane, and right away you will see our highway food sign. Put on your left turn blinker and start slowing down. Bear Left just after the pedestrian crossing sign.

Southbound on Highway 87

If you are driving down from Prescott, Flagstaff or Winslow you will be getting close to town when you start down the winding stretch of road just north of us. When you get to the 20 mph turn, it is advisable to obey that speed limit. It is a very tight turn! A minute more and you're driving through Strawberry. The Bear is the first Right Turn at the other end of town, about an eye blink from when you entered our small town. Bear Right after the Speed Limit Sign.